New MER Silencer Mounting Brackets

5 04 2010

After the decision is made to use a dry exhaust system instead of a wet system, the next chore is to decide where the silencer will be mounted.

One option is high up on the boat, under the stack cowling, if so equipped. Another place if space allows, is in the engine room, where fishermen often opt to mount the silencer overhead or on the back engine room bulkhead.
Now there is another option: On the engine itself, bolting directly to the top of the flywheel housing.  Our product line now includes Cowl Silencer brackets that fit the range of smaller Isuzu diesel engines, including models: 3CA, 3CB, 4LE1, 4LE2, 4TNV98, and the 4TNV98T. MER builds Cowl silencer mounting brackets to allow mounting on the back of the engine, in the little “dead space” above the generator end (or the transmission). Our new brackets provide plenty of room for the exhaust insulation blanket and provide vibration-proof stability for long life. Made of MIG welded mild steel, the brackets are available galvanized, or can be painted your choice of colors.



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