11 01 2010

Big Blue "Su" Saves Fuel

Big is Beautiful. We’ve been selling Isuzu engines since the ‘60s and this is the biggest factory marine version to come to the US. With a 505-hp (M-1) tugboat rating @ 1800 rpm, up to 671 hp (M-3) seiner/longliner rating at 2100 rpm, the 6WG is so well balanced it idles at 450 rpm. It’s the most fuel-efficient Diesel we’ve seen in this horsepower range. This is the engine for longevity, durability, & quiet. Isuzu quality control is legendary & they withstand a lot of abuse—always a popular feature in the fishing industry.

This Isuzu owes its efficiency & endurance in no small part to the high-pressure common-rail fuel (HPCR) system and dry-fit chromium-plated cylinder liners. With 4-times the hardness of cast-iron liners and much lower friction levels, the liners themselves don’t show any wear after 1000s of hours of use. We have literally had engines overheat, seize a piston, cool down, restart and run for years, usually without damage to the cylinder liners.

Dry-fit liners aren’t susceptible to water erosion because there is no direct water contact with the liner–no possibility for pits or cavitation, no O-rings to fail that could leak water into the crankcase. In fact it’s the same cylinder-liner system used in their smaller engines. You want a tough reliable main from 505 hp to 671 hp, stop by our showroom at 338 West Nickerson St., in Seattle.

The 6WG1 is going to replace a lot of engines out there. All you 58- to 100-footers take note. 6WG1 Fuel Economy—The Proof is in the Repower



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