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8 07 2010


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MER supplies heavy-duty Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to the US Navy, oil spill response contractors, and Alaska’s commercial fishermen. The range of HPUs is from 20 gallons per minute (GPM) to 350.

The machines are similar to a generator set except they make useful hydraulic power instead of electricity at variable engine speeds.

The optional aluminum skid shown here also carries the fuel and hydraulic oil tanks.

MER also makes Hybrid units that produce hydraulic power and electrical power.  HPU cooling options include radiator, heat-exchanger, or keel-cooling. Keel-cooling is the method of choice for machines like oil skimmers, that must operate in contaminated waters.

Standard Equipment:       
 Hydraulic oil heat-exchanger
 Variable speed throttle
 Manual oil change pump        
 Gauge panel
 12V Starting/Charging system
 Anti-vibration mounts.

The direct driven pump is shown in this photo.

Optional Equipment:
 Air or hydraulic clutched pump drive,  Electric clutched pump drive,  Pumps can be driven from either end of   the engine or side-mounted. Remote start and stop,  Extension harnesses,  Gear, vane or piston pumps,  Pressure compensated pumps, Load sensing,  Skid mounted hydraulic reservoir, 
Variety of hydraulic filter options: 
 Quick disconnect hydraulic connections, Custom base frame geometry, base frame materials in steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
 Integral fuel tank and or hydraulic oil reservoir, Integral drip pan, Engine driven air compressors, AC Generator opposite the hydraulic, pump drive.

Important components are labeled in this photo.



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