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The MER web site is continually updated.
Our web site exists to save you expense and reduce footwork as you look for the right engines, generators, transmissions and accessories. The combination of our Blog and Web Site is also a huge source of  technical know-hoe and repair parts for boaters.

Here Is How The Site Works, Moving Down The Left-Hand Side:
Now, working down the left hand side of the HOME page, the first link at the top is JOHN DEERE MARINE GENERATORS, and it takes you to the selection of MER designed marine generator sets that have better motor starting capability than our competitors. Clicking on any of the photos will take you deeper into the site where you will find specifications and brochures for each product. Want pricing? Just click on the e-mail link and we will get right back to you. Need a custom or larger unit than is listed? Call Dave Walker, our Sales Manager, and he will do a custom quote for a Deere powered generator set-up to 350kW. Similarly, clicking on  

JOHN DEERE MARINE ENGINES takes you to our Deere propulsion engine page, where you can download detailed specifications by clicking on “Brochure”. Moving on to the next link on the LH side of the home page, you will see JOHN DEERE PARTS, and here you will find accessories and engine models numbers to guide you in tracking down the part in question.

ISUZU  MARINE GENERATORS takes you to our Isuzu page, and again, custom quotes on larger sizes are available. Likewise, moving down on the left hand column brings you to ISUZU MARINE ENGINES where we list marine engines up to 671HP. ISUZU is the worldwide engine life Heavy Weight Champ. These engines all use the patented CROMHARD Dry-fit Chromed cylinder liner (sleeve) system. Our customers report extremely good engine life.

Efficient YANMAR MARINE GENERATORS are very popular in recreational and pleasure boats. Custom units are available for larger Yanmar generators. Sailboat owners love quiet, clean,efficient, and durable YANMAR MARINE ENGINES. Recreational and large pleasure boats respond very well to the powerful Yanmar line, with power as high as 900HP. Further, Yanmar now marinizes the 4 and 6BY engines from BMW. The new hydraulic ZT-350 Yanmar outdrive has hydraulic clutch actuation. No more “CLUNK” when you put it in gear. The small 15-110HP Yanmars are now commercially rated for light duty.

ZF/HURTH MARINE TRANSMISSIONS are found next and MER offers a complete line of transmissions from small pleasure boat units, all of the way up to the trannys that commercial fishing and workboats require.
MER supports tha transmissions we sell on the ZF/HURTH PARTS page of the site. Just click on your model number to find what you need. Our parts department pros will help too, just call Gary, Norm, or Brian @ 206-286-1817.

ADJUSTABLE ENGINE MOUNTS are an important part of every marine engine installation. Determine the weight of your engine and transmission and then select the best mount. COWL AND EM EXHAUST SILENCERS are next and these pages list hundreds of SILENCING SOLUTIONS. TRANSMISSION DRIVE PLATES help put the power in the water. This page has extensive resources to make sure you get what you need. USED AND SURPLUS EQUIPMENT contains the link to our SPECIALS BROCHURE. It is constantly updated. Print it at your end to have it on hand. INSTRUMENT PANELS has a complete listing of the panels we carry-with part numbers. Don’ see what you need, call for a custom panel quote. Finally, the MER EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST is a great way to survey your marine equipment and forecast maintenance needs. Just click the link to print your copy.

Now Look At The Top Of The Page-
Notice there are
eight red buttons
After you enter the site through the HOME page, the ABOUT button takes you to the description of who we are, what we do, the products we handle and also a summary of the Companies’ history.

The ORDERING button takes you to our explanation of how to best complete International and Domestic orders. At the bottom of this page is an email link that is monitored by Company President, Bob Allen.

The CONTACT page tells how to reach both parts and service departments in the Company, and provides our physical address at the bottom of the page.
is an ever-growing technical resource for boaters. We cover engine, transmission and generator set questions.
introduces new items that will reduce maintenance expense and help your equipment last longer.
contains links to each of our printed newsletters in PDF format. Download and print them at your convenience. They are a great resource to have on the boat!

Then, in the upper right hand corner of the NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES page you will also find links to the MERPOWER TECHNICAL SUPPORT BLOG. As you will see, our Blog is a rich source of support for our customers.  The SITE MAP page is a really quick way to see everything on the site, giving you the “Bird’s Eye View”.

So, click around and let us know what you think!

2 responses

2 06 2010
Kathy Hoyt

Wow, I should visit the site more often; so many changes-the website and blog look great and so…..much information. Good job! The class looks fun also, what a great idea! Looks like you all are having fun!

2 06 2010

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for checking in! Yes, we’re working on it.
Have you noticed the FAQ upgrade in process on We’re also adding art to
each one.
Bring Mike and stop in when you can.
Take Care,

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