MER Fuzz-Buster/ZF-80 Transmission Service

27 02 2009

Use The MER Fuzz-Buster Magnet To Extend Transmission LIfe

Use The MER Fuzz-Buster Magnet To Extend Transmission LIfe

MakingHappy Customers

Is it OK to brag just a little bit about MER’s famous service!?  The short piece that follows explains how our customers feel about our service:
Dear Stevie ,
Thank you so much for your expeditious help with and handling of my KBW10 transmission needs. I was more than a little depressed when I had to come to Seattle yesterday to pick up the unit; not knowing what to do nor where to go for straight answers and a solution. Thanks to the internet for information/location regarding MER… and after stopping by and meeting you all … the cloud of uncertainty was lifted…and now the solution is at hand. I was impressed with the people at MER and I enjoyed meeting you in particular. Everyone was friendly and seemed genuinely interested in helping me with my problem…all qualities of a progressive and successful business. Thanks for being there for me and for your careful and efficient handling; I’ll look forward to seeing you again when I pick up the old core and the new transmission.
Best regards,
Maury Hafford

Making Your Aluminum Case Transmission Last Longer

The MER Fuzz-Buster Magnet, for aluminum case transmissions, sits on top of the regular filter. As the transmission runs, thousands of gallons of oil flow through the magnetic field that is projecting through the stream of oil.

For a quick visual check of the transmission condition before a trip, just lift the filter lid and shine a light on the magnet. If it’s clear of metal particles, you are ready to travel.

However, if there is over 1/2 thimble full of metal fuzz on the magnet, you better have it checked. To service your transmission and get started with a Fuzz-Buster, follow these instructions:

ZF-80 Transmission Filter Service

1-Using a 6MM allen wrench, turn the screw counter clockwise to remove the oil filter lid (1).

2-Lift the old filter (2), from its position.

3-Place the MER Fuzz-Buster Magnet (3) on top of the new filter, taking care to center it on the new filter.

4-Replace both oil seal o-rings (4 & 5), and re-assemble.

Changing The Oil

If there is a drain plug it will be at the bottom of the transmission, at the rear, just under the output shaft  flange.

1-Remove the drain plug and drain the oil into a waste container.

2-It is a good habit to hold the drain plug in your hand until it is replaced in the drain hole and tightened.

3-Refill the transmission with Dextron 2 transmission oil-this is a red oil. Run the engine and check for leaks, and re-check the oil level again.

However, not all transmissions have a drain plug. If yours doesn’t, use a suction pump to remove the old oil. These pumps are available through MER Parts.

1-Remove the dipstick.

2-Insert the suction pump tube to the bottom of the transmission, through the dipstick hole.

3-Pump all of the old oil into a waste container.

4-Refill the transmission.

5-Run the engine and check for leaks.



2 responses

18 10 2010

I could not agree more with this post, I usually do not comment on blogs but I had to on this topic as it shows a good bit of knowledge on a subject that is usually misrepresented.
Excellent blog and excellent post! Keep up the good work!
Orlando Transmission Repair

20 10 2010

Thank you Kyle, Trannys are worth protecting.
Take Care, Ben @ MER

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