Announcing The Deere 4045 Common-rail Diesel Engine!

14 07 2009

The New Deere 4045 Common-rail Diesel Engine

The New Deere 4045 Common-rail Diesel Engine


Further increasing power, while reducing exhaust emissions.
Speaking of low emissions-visit our new emission retrofits page to learn how to improve the air quality in your neighborhood. Meet air quality standards with older equipment by retro-fitting your equipment. 
Retrofitting after-treatment equipment will often reduce emissions of Hydrocarbon, Carbon Monoxide, and Particulate Matter by 70-90% and more.
Indoor forklifts, underground mining equipment, and drill rig engines must now meet State and Federal Air Quality Standards. MER can bring your equipment into compliance.

To Continue Touring the MER Web Site, just click: to begin a quick tour of our web resources. To reach us, just dial 800-777-0714.
…next notice the 6 red buttons across the top of the home page:
ABOUT US tells who we are and provides a brief history of the company. Most important, is the innocent looking e-mail link at the bottom of the page:
This link is monitored by company President, Bob Allen. You will get action!
CONTACT US puts you in touch with our parts and service departments-24 hours a day.
FAQ is an ever expanding collection of topics that will save you operating cost and make your equipment more efficient. Want to suggest a topic? Well, just send a message to Bob, via info@merequipment, and it will happen.
WHAT’S NEW showcases new products and also provides a list of links to popular product brochures.
NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES is another sleeper, that may not look earth-shaking from the outside. However, clicking on this link takes you to the archive of our electronic newsletters. What’s more, at the top on the right side there is a text box titled “Check Out Our Blog!
All three of the links here take you to our BLOG  ( ) where you will find extensive resources to keep your equipment running strong.
SITE MAP takes you to a large collection of internal links that work like a speed-dialer, to quickly get you to the right information.
So, have a “click-fest”, look around, and let us know what you think!



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