13 06 2009

The MER Heat Shield Aids Engine Efficiency

The MER Heat Shield Aids Engine Efficiency







 To Tour the MER Web Site, just click: to begin a quick tour of our web resources. To reach us, just dial
Down the left hand side of  MER’s Home Page you will find seventeen buttons, most of which are self explanatory. Near the bottom of the list though, there are new buttons that we’ll introduce today:
TRANSMISSION DRIVE PLATES-Push this button if you are replacing your transmision and need a new drive plate. Then, once the page comes up, click on the brochure to read the ultimate drive plate resource. Just select the one you need and call MER to order. Notice the extra info on how to tell which SAE size flywheel housing you have!
USED AND SURPLUS EQUIPMENT-This is the page to find those peculiar items that only the most serious commercial fishermen will need. Have something to consign? Tranny, engine, extra propeller shaft, or even a generator set? Let us know, we’ll add it to the next brochure.
INSTRUMENT PANELS-Our Service Manager, Herb Knight, thought of this one and asked for a listing of all the standard and custom panels we handle. Just click on the brochure to see our listing. Do you know of a panel we should offer? Call Gary or Norm at 800-777-0714 and ask for a quote.
SERVICE CHECKLIST-Our Service Advisor, Stevie Schmidt designed this form to help our customers prepare for each season and enjoy maximum equipment up-time. Click on the list to print yours.
OUR NEWSLETTER-Click here to view our archive of “Industry-Best” technical resources. Let us know what other topics you would like to see in future electronic newsletters. E-mail stevie@merequipment, to get on our electronic newsletter list.
Thankyou for taking the tour! Please send your suggestions to:




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