The M.V. Troll

16 09 2008

“Indy 500 Pit Crew”

That that is how C.A. “Cappy” Putz referred to the MER service department when he pulled his boat into our park lot.  Two MER technicians climbed aboard, tools in hand to get Cappy’s Yanmar 4LH DTE back into running order. Cappy had called three weeks earlier and said a friend had removed the valve cover and found a broken push rod.  He made an appointment, and then towed the M/V Troll from Molt Montana to Seattle for repairs.

The crew of two dived into the small engine room and in record time had the head sitting on a bench in our shop.  It was determined the number one exhaust valve had stuck in the guide.  No other damage was found.  The head was repaired, reinstalled with a successful sea trial.

Cappy travels the water ways from Florida to Alaska selling hand made bowls from the M/V Troll.  Cappy has been making wooden bowls from wet wood and burl mainly from Wyoming and Montana, for the past 20 years.  He says “if you can find a job you really love, you never have to work again.  Lucky me!”  The license plate on his silver truck is “BOWLMAN”.   Each piece is a handmade, signed branded and very usable original art form.  He begins with wet wood and burls.  The bowl is rough turned and let dry for 6 months to a year.  “During this time the wood relaxes into the shape of a bowl, then the wood wants to be a bowl” says Cappy.  The bowls are 100% guaranteed.  They are made for usin’, wash em, don’t soak um, wax or oil em once in a while and you bowl will live for generations.

It was MER’s pleasure to help get Cappy back on the open seas.  It gives a great feeling when you can see a customer who loves his life style on his boat sail away with wave and a smile. If you see the green hulled “Troll” cruising down the water way, wave him over.  Cappy will give you his big western smile and gladly show you his bowls.  You won’t be disappointed. If you want to contact Cappy, he can be reached at:

C.A. “Cappy” Putz, 13330 Canyon Creek Road, Molt, Montana, 59057. 406-628-2181,

Cappy…Thank you for your business and an interesting time. Happy motoring.
MER Service Manager-Herb Knight

Cappy Putz

Cappy Putz




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